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Joanne Specialises in making Baroque recorders after J Steenbergen Amersterdam 18th C., She also makes a Ganassi model after the Morgan Design


Each Instrument is Individually  hand crafted from carefully selected woods and many hours are spent 'playing in' and fine tuning the voicing to produce a unique tonal characteristic.

For more information about prices and ordering terms, please contact Joanne via the Contact tab or via Email.

Restorations and Repairs - Special Service

Joanne offers a service restoring and repairing recorders made by Fred Morgan before his death in 1999. Joanne is committed to preserving the 'Morgan character' of his instruments, and as Fred's only fully trained apprentice, it follows that Joanne is the most knowledgeable recorder maker in preserving the 'Morgan sound'. 


Joanne also restores and repairs recorders of various makes including some non hand-made instruments. This includes re-voicing, thumb bushes, securing cracks, colour matching and minor tuning adjustments.

Instrumental Teaching

Since completing studies at the Victorian College of the Arts, Joanne has taught Oboe and some recorder. She also performs as a solo and ensemble musician.

For more information in regards to lesson rates and availabilities, please contact Joanne via the Contact tab or via Email.

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